A new poem: WE LIVE IN A PHYSICAL WORLD & a performance


Let yourself sink
into your deep pocket.
Get into your gravely voice.
Moan your existence
into this world.
Take time to
smear the mud
of the earth on your body
or you will loose yourself
in your daily strivings.
For we are not born once
but are created
again and again.
It is a daily choice.
Sink your heels
into the ground.
Feel the circle of life
from light to night
spiral 'round your spine.
Feel the thrust of your pelvis
up, up to the sky.
Feel the bellows of your diaphragm.
Let your breath
steam the air
with the passion of becoming.
Let your heart burst/break with love/longing
for all things.
For we belong to all things.
We are all things.
on the brink of emerging.
Every minute, we can be born.

This is a performance gem by a master. I stumbled on this favorite from a couple of years back and to me it embodies this poem.