Plum, apricot, cherry, apple
the trees have put on their finest
plumes of bloom.
Each flower bursts with water—
dripping blossoms weigh down boughs
in pendulous languor.

Sweet sweet promise

Everywhere i look—
rippling white down creeks
distant dots in crevasses
swaths of swirling crimson
pinks, whites—
each petal plumper.

Sweet sweet promise

One hill near Canfield Road
sports a wide white shawl
bordering the creek at its feet.
on on on on it goes
and when all of those petals are gone….

Promise promise promise promise.

The promise in the mouth

Sweet sweet promise

cherriespeachesplums         apples
the  promise in the mouth

And then I found
the queen of all trees
in my daughter's back yard
as wide as it was tall—
a cherry blossom cloud.

I bow down in beauty and
Sweet sweet promise.